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Commitment is reflected in every aspect of your experience with Gore Design Completions, LTD, beginning the moment your aircraft arrives at our facility and continuing long after completion. Our commitment is fueled by our owners, designers, engineers, and artisans" uncompromising integrity and dedication to perfection.

We deliver on our commitments by always designing interiors that possess both aesthetic excellence and ergonomic functionality. Every aspect of the interior is manufactured and installed by some of the world's finest artisans and craftsmen located in San Antonio, Texas. From interior design and engineering, to installation and maintenance support, gore design completions is committed to delivering the finest aircraft interiors in the world.



Jerry Gore helped establish Gore Design Completions, LTD (GDC) in 2000, one of the world's leading modification centers for VIP aircraft custom interiors, specializing in wide body completions. GDC is a successor to Gore Design, Inc., an aviation design and engineering firm that Jerry formed in 1988.

Jerry has designed and managed a variety of aircraft completions for numerous corporations, heads-of-state, government officials, entertainment and professional sports team executives. He grew up near Fort Worth, Texas, where his father managed a ranch. Jerry was a natural athlete, who fought in a few golden gloves boxing tournaments and traveled the pro rodeo circuit as a bull rider. He eventually left the road to take a machinist's job with general dynamics. In 1979, a milling machine accident nearly severed Jerry's right arm. Jerry spent 30 hours under the surgeon's knife over the next two years to successfully repair damaged nerves.

The horrific accident and remarkable physical recovery prompted Jerry to pursue his childhood passion -- art. He completed art classes and became a technical illustrator at General Dynamics. Seven years later, Jerry was developing special projects in advanced design engineering, including the layout of the block F-16 cockpit and top-secret military programs. His work was so impressive that Dee Howard quickly offered to make him a senior industrial designer. Jerry was responsible for design and liaison on, what was at that time, the most complex and unique aircraft interior modification ever attempted, a 747-300 for a Saudi Arabian royalty. In addition, he supervised two head-of-state 747sps and a head-of-state Airbus A-310 project.

Jerry was named the international business leader of the year in 2004 by St. Mary's university in San Antonio and has been featured in several print publications. He currently sits on the advisory board of blue star contemporary art center and stays active in the art community in San Antonio. Jerry's hobbies include painting, cycling and traveling.


Kathy Gore-Walters co-owner of Gore Design Completions, LTD. Helped establish the company in 1988. She serves as president. Her extensive involvement helps lead the vision and direction for GDC in marketing concepts and integration.

She oversees every facet of an elite group of designers who develop intricate presentations for government head-of-state and VIP customized interiors. These elaborate presentations include 3D computer renderings, animated walk-thru of the interior, samples of custom china, crystal, flatware and material finishes.

As an officer of the company Kathy has traveled the globe extensively and has met with presidents, government officials, corporate VIPs, as well as entertainment and professional sports team executives.

Kathy, who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in textiles, clothing and fashion design, credits her career choice to the influence of her grandmother, a residential interior designer. She first got her start in the aviation industry at Fairchild Aircraft Corporation in San Antonio, Texas. She was part of the engineering team designated to interface with marketing and the customer in the selection of interior fabrics, floor plans and exterior graphics. Kathy later joined Dee Howard where she distinguished herself as supervisor of styling responsible for design on four wide-body head-of-state aircraft, thus placing her on a platform that would later lead to the formation of GDC.

Kathy currently sits on the advisory council of the College of Natural Science for the University of Texas at Austin. In addition, she was named 2004 international business leader of the year by St. Mary"s university. Kathy was also recognized as a pillar of the community in 2005 by NISD in San Antonio, Texas. She is an avid fan of the nba spurs and the University of Texas longhorns. Kathy enjoys horseback riding, cycling and gardening in her spare time.

Previous projects

  • Boeing 777-200er Central asian head of state
  • 4 Boeing 767-300er Central asian heads of state
  • President, People's Republic of China
  • Boeing 767-200 Private customer
  • Boeing 757-200 Central asian head of state
  • Boeing 737-800 Middle east customer, taiwan
  • Boeing 737-700 Central asian head of state
  • 2 Boeing 737-300 People's Republic of China
  • Airbus 340-500 African head of state
  • Airbus 340-300 Middle East customer
  • Airbus 340-200 Middle East customer
  • Airbus 320-214 Central Asian head of state
  • MD-11 Saudi royal flight
  • DC-9 Detroit Pistons
  • DC-10 Project Orbis flying eye hospital singapore
  • BAC 1-11 Sacramento Kings
  • BBJ Samsung
  • BBJ Wynn
  • BBJ Far East customer
  • BBJ Boetti Air
  • 2 BBJ EFO
  • BBJ Orient global
  • 3 BBJ Net Jets
  • BBJ Air Shamrock
  • BBJ3 Middle East customer